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What is GiftEd?

GiftEd offers a wide range of services to gifted students, their parents or caregivers, and teachers.


GiftEd works in partnership with teachers, principals, parents, counsellors, educational psychologists, researchers and those interested in nurturing our gifted and talented students.


GiftEd specialises in assisting schools to improve learning outcomes for their gifted students by providing professional development and specialist services within your school environment and frameworks.


GiftEd’s services include:


  • Implementation of School-Wide Gifted Programs
  • Educator in residence programs, professional development and change
  • Curriculum Differentiation and Practical Strategies for Teaching Primary Students
  • Whole school approach to curriculum design for gifted and talented learners
  • Coaching in curriculum planning and support
  • Mentoringteaching_you
  • Program evaluation and strategic planning


  • Parent and children courses, workshops and support and individual case consultancies.
  • Identification – non-psychological testing and assessments
  • Intellectual characteristics
  • Social and emotional aspects
  • Introversion
  • The sensitive child
  • Maximising educational fit
  • Parent support groups
  • Guided discussion groups for gifted children on aspects of giftedness


  • Keynote address
  • Workshops and
  • Seminars