Professional Development and Training for Staff

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GiftEd can assist in professional development for staff to ensure that your school provides effectively for gifted learners and your gifted programs are in line with current policies. A range of services is offered and are personalised for your learning community.


Staff professional development can be delivered through a mix of:

  • After-school staff meetings
  • Whole school workshops during staff professional development days
  • One-on-one or small-group workshops
  • Targeted presentations for school executive leadership teams.


Services include:

  • Providing an Introduction to Gifted Education – Overview of Key Concepts and Theory
  • Review and independent evaluation of current provisions
  • Staff attitudinal surveys to identify target areas for staff development and training
  • Module Workshops as part of Professional Development Days
  • Ongoing personalised staff mentoring and advice
  • Assisting your Gifted Education Mentor (GEMS) in practical application of course material to your school.

Areas of development and training:policy

  • Understanding giftedness
  • Program Development
  • Identification
  • Ability Grouping
  • Curriculum Differentiation
  • Social and emotional aspects
  • Curriculum Design.