Policy, Strategic Planning, and School G&T Programs

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To enable gifted students to achieve their potential, schools need a comprehensive Gifted Policy, with effective and well thought out processes and procedures.

GiftEd works with School Leadership teams and Gifted and Talented committees and coordinators to provide advice and guidance on planning, policy writing, developing and reviewing provisions for gifted learners within a school or area.

GiftEd can assist with:planning

School Policies

Review existing policies and procedures in terms of gifted provisions and support for the learning needs and outcomes of gifted students by:

  • Providing program recommendations
  • Advising on alignment of strategic plans to State policies for gifted students.

G&T Programs

  • Recommendations on appropriate accelerated practices
  • Design of G&T program structure and content, for example:
    • Higher Order Thinking Skills
    • Meta-cognitive Skills
    • Questioning and Ignorance Mapping
    • Research Skills
    • Problem Solving
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Creative and Practical Arts
    • One-on-one mentoring.
  • Primary Student extension opportunities:
    • Going Beyond The Curriculum

GiftEd offers programs of extension lasting 10 weeks in four Key Learning areas: Maths/Science, English/SOSE/HSIE or the new National curriculum History/Geography

    • Independent Research Projects

GiftEd facilitates Independent Research Projects over a 10 week period culminating in an end of term presentation.

In many cases a ‘school cluster’ approach to the provision of a specialist gifted program can be of benefit, through the pooling of resources. GiftEd can assist with establishing a tailored program, including liaison amongst the cluster schools.

Assistance with establishing specialist ‘pull-out’ classes for gifted students, including engagement with class teachers on the program rationale, identification of suitable candidates, and in-class support (IEP’s).

On-going support, review and mentorship of gifted programs and provisions.

Parent Support

For maximum effectiveness your gifted program needs an holistic approach, featuring collaboration and partnership with parents and caregivers.

GiftEd can provide both group presentations and individual briefings to parents the following areas:

  • Understanding your gifted child
  • Stress and the gifted child
  • Gifted Learning Disabled
  • School advocacy
  • Visual Spatial Learner
  • Personality development  (Overexcitabilities)
  • Student Social and Emotional workshops on aspects of giftedness, e.g:
    • Helping gifted adolescents adjust to giftedness
    • Introversion and Extroversion
    • Learning Style Preferences
    • Risk taking.