Identification and Assessment

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Effective and early identification of gifted students is critical – both for ensuring that students’ particular needs are met, and for effective planning of class and curriculum structures.

Identification of gifted students is a complex task. It should occur as early as possible. Some students’ giftedness may emerge at a later stage so identification procedures should be repeated at regular intervals.

GiftEd can assist you in ‘casting a wide net’ to identify as many of your gifted school population as possible, using a range of identification and assessment tools and strategies.

Services include:

  • Establishment of a multiple criteria model of identification procedures
  • Conducting specific identification and assessment tasks, including:
    • Standardised achievement tests  (Ravens Progressive Matrices)
    • Screening tests (Slosson)
    • Checklists
    • Peer, self and parent nomination forms
    • Over-excitability/Intensity Identification (Dabrowski)
    • Teacher Observation Scales
    • Learning preference surveys.
  • Collation of data and result analysis
  • Recommendations for interventions and programming provisions
  • Providing advisory services to parents on gifted identification and behaviours.