Curriculum Differentiation and Design

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Effectively meeting your gifted students’ needs requires an assessment of their current status in the learning process, followed by problems that slightly exceed the level already mastered. Research clearly shows teaching without appropriate curriculum modification is ineffective and of no benefit.

GiftEd assists teachers to develop appropriately challenging curriculum utilizing a variety of curriculum models designed specifically for gifted education.

GiftEd assists teachers to develop flexible learning pathways with advice and assistance on:

  • Planning for individual needs
  • Curriculum modification
  • Curriculum compacting
  • Differentiation within mixed-ability inclusion classes
  • Enrichment, extension and acceleration
  • Grouping practices
  • Test and assessment design, including pre-testing to assess student knowledge levels and appropriate curriculum levels.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)
  • Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s)
  • Negotiated Education Plans
  • Thinking skills and problem solving strategies (e.g. Habits of Mind and Higher Order Thinking Skills).